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Defense Grid 2 is a tower defense game and sequel to Defense Grid: The Awakening. The sequel is composed of new levels, enemies, towers, and strategies on a brand new graphics engine with a procedurally driven audio score. Defense Grid 2 launched with a 21 level single player and multiplayer campaign. Each level has an expanded storyline and contains new game modes and allows for both multiplayer cooperative and competitive play. There are a number of new features included in the sequel, including levels that change shape as you play, a level editor, new story characters, a command team with commander abilities, tower abilities, tower boosts/powerups, and tower advancement.

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    New page: Where Defense Grid had a single special weapon ability (the Orbital Laser), Defense Grid 2 has several different special weapon abilities provided by...
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    New page: Bulwark Carrier Crasher Decoy Juggernaut Lurker Landing Pod Racer Regenerator Healer Rhino Rumbler Seeker Spire Suppressor Swarmer ...
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    New page: Contents[show] Main Campaign Edit Chapter 1 Edit Prologue Threshold Supply and Demand Suspension Chapter 2 Edit Overlook Barrage Rapid...
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